The Ultimate Garden Broom

Works Like A Broom, Acts Like A Rake!
By Ultimate Innovations

Not just any broom will do when choosing a broom for outdoor cleanup, according to Roxanne DePalma. The Ultimate Garden Broom by Ultimate Innovations can take on any weather conditions and all seasons! Bring on moisture and snowfall on outdoor surfaces and see the results this broom can handle. The Ultimate Garden Broom is made to have a constant workout every day no matter the job! Don’t let the name “garden” broom fool you. The Ultimate Garden Broom can do so much more than push soil, spread mulch and sweep. This broom can bring cleaning order to your garden, walkways, patios, driveways, pathways, lawns (including synthetic), garden sheds, barns, even brick & concrete floors! Traditional corn brooms deteriorate over time and lose strength and shape, they simply fall apart. The Ultimate Garden Broom never gives up even after prolonged use. It keeps it full shape and bristles stay strong. The bonus is the broom can be rinsed of dirt, mud and grime simply by water without rotting or building up mildew as all other brooms! The Ultimate Garden Broom is essential for anyone truly committed to fighting against filth!

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