Winter Garden Tips from Roxanne DePalma

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Winter Garden Tips from Roxanne DePalma

Winter Garden Tips from Roxanne DePalma

Roxanne DePalma wants to help you protect your garden this winter and has the perfect winter garden tips!

Winter is a time that you want to feel warm, cozy and protected. You want to make sure that your heating system is prepared and ready for those Winter months (which you can ensure by looking on sites like so your house is all lovely and warm. As we sip a warm cup of coco and snuggle up with our favorite blanket. our garden wants to do the very same thing. Our gardens don’t need to come to an end but much like ourselves, it needs to be protected.

Mulch is nature’s blanket and protector and keeps the garden insulated during the cold winter months. You should secure your mulch delivery before the first coldest night to ensure that plants are protected early. Keep an eye on the weather and make sure that you buy from a quality supplier to ensure best results. To spread, begin by using Roxanne’s Ultimate Garden Broom to ensure even coverage of the mulch.

The Ultimate Broom acts like two tools in one, a broom and rake! The broom is made out of coconut tree branches which allow for flexibility and strength to create smoothness and spreading of all types of mulch more efficiently, even small rock and pea gravel mulch! Gardens that only require a lightweight mulch to cover a small area are perfect for this broom, too. The broom acts as a bow rake with its long flexible branches.

When it comes to the winter weather, this can be quite harsh on the garden and everything in it. With this being said, it then comes as no surprise to find that some people may opt to invest in storage facilities like prefab garages, to have safe storage space for their gardening essentials.

At times you may have a relatively smallest of the small area to mulch and Roxanne’s Ultimate Whisk is all you need. The Whisk’s smaller size allows you to spread the mulch around and get better coverage than your hand. The easiest of winter garden tips!

The Ultimate Coconut Garden Broom is perfect for all year outdoor maintenance.