Happy New Year for Gardening!

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February 2, 2017
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Happy New Year for Gardening!

Happy New Year! It's 2017!

I think everyone should put gardening at the top of their goals for the new year and let me explain why. Gardening will help you get in touch with Mother Nature and enjoy the simpler things in life, even if you are not a gardener or don’t have a yard! There simply are no excuses because if you have any type of pots or containers then you are set. There are so many flowers, herbs and small vegetables that you can grow without even having a yard.

Gardening is Healthy

Gardening is linked to better health. Weight loss is the holy grail of health for many people, and gardening can help you achieve that goal.  Also, NASA researchers have found that planting and nurturing seeds, even just in small pots, provided great mental health benefits.  Sounds like a win, win for 2017!

What gardening resolutions will you make for the new year?