Create Your Perfect Garden Party

Happy New Year! It's 2017!
Happy New Year for Gardening!
January 2, 2017
Here are some great spring tips for your garden from Roxanne!
Spring Tips from Roxanne DePalma, Spring Has Sprung!
March 2, 2017
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Create Your Perfect Garden Party

The perfect garden party set up is just a few tips away!

Create a Party in your own yard with Garden Party Hanging Baskets.

The first step is choosing the right flowers for the right season. On the west coast we are thinking bulbs!

Look for plants that have several stems as those provide the highest producing growth. She looks for plants with about a 3 inch container.

Roxanne offers her Garden Party Hanging Baskets with an Aquasav special lining. This allows the soil in the hanging baskets to stay at the best moisture level possible for flowers and plants. Baskets lose moisture quickly and the Aquasav relieves some pressure of them drying out so quickly. Roxanne suggests a little fertilizer, of your choice will help everyone develop a green thumb, about a tablespoon. These extra nutrients will provide volume.

Roxanne’s Recipe for the perfect Garden Party Hanging Basket

Garden Party Baskets lined with Aquasav lining –

Choice of flowers – about 6 containers of flowers in about 3 inch containers
Trailing plants – Fuchsia, Lobelia or Verbena
Lightweight hanging-basket soil of choice
Fertilizer – mix with soil
Shepherds Hook