San Clemente, CA – June 21, 2018 – H.I.S.C., Inc, a family owned manufacturer of high quality garden tools and outdoor décor, is in the national spotlight for making a 6-n-1 garden tool, The Dirty Little Digger. Our product is a feature in Better Homes & Gardens!

The Dirty Digger allows for a lot of torque for all kinds of tasks. It’s strong enough to break down dirt, rocky soil and clay. The serrated edges cut through tough weeds and the pointed tip makes aerating so easy. The defined measurements etched on the scoop ensure accurate planting depths. You can be new to gardening or a master gardener and this will be the tool you use the most, so be sure to store it safely. Perhaps you should start looking into prefab buildings or sheds to store all of your garden tools neatly and safely. The Dirty Digger is of high quality, but if your shed is old and leaky then don’t be surprised if it starts rusting. There are even rent to own sheds schemes available if you want to try before you buy outright. This may save money from splashing out on safe and secure storage in the long run. Either way, it’s a great idea to keep all of your tools safe, especially the Dirty Digger. Making sure that you have a garden storage shed that you are happy to keep your tools in is very important for your peace of mind.

Better Homes & Gardens featured the Dirty Little Digger in their “Tips & Tools” for DIY projects section, page 79 in the July 2018 edition. You can read how this “power tool” can be of use in dividing perennials, break through hard soil, and “dig” in for planting! H.I.S.C., Inc. is honored to be in the national spotlight with Better Homes & Gardens!

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