To our valued friends…

Where do you go to find solace during difficult times? Many of us undoubtedly meander outside to get a breath of fresh air and walk through our gardens to be amazed by the aroma and beauty of new spring flora and fauna. Looking out at your bird feeders, you notice the hummingbirds arguing over the nectar, which makes you crack a smile. As you take a deep breath of pure oxygen in from the air, you are reminded that hard times will pass.

With Social Distancing, you may wonder what to do with your time? Let’s garden! Maintenance on a garden is continual, so start in the front yard and work your way back. You will find that some Peace and happiness will ensue.

We’re here to help! All of our products are delivered to your door so you do not need to worry about social distancing in a retail store. To help you get a jump start on getting outside to your garden we would like to offer 25% off the entire website for this week! Simply navigate to our Shop at the top of the site and get gardening!


Bob & Roxanne DePalma