Happy Fall!

There is so much to like about fall like the amazing show of vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows as the leaves change gorgeous colors? Cozying up by a fire on a cool evening, topped off with comfort food and football, who can complain about that? After a hot summer, you and your garden might be feeling a bit overheated and dried up. Paddling around (barefoot) in the garden this week, there is no shortage of chores to do in the fall yard.

Fall is a great time of year to work in the yard. In fact, many experts say it is the most important time of the year to impact how your yard will look for the rest of the year. Read on for three important chores you can do now so your yard stays beautiful all year long.

1. Clean up

This is probably the most important chore you will do in your fall garden. In last month’s blog we highlighted the importance of watering in the summer but for Fall, clean up is supreme. Start with raking up all of those leaves that are falling right now. If you have a large garden, we suggest investing in a quality leaf blower as they make the job of clearing debris more convenient, and you will need one all year round. If you are looking to get a blower, then have a look at this article: best gas leaf blower: 4 reviews of our top picks by thebestleafblowers.com to find out what you should look for in a leaf blower. Once you have raked or blown your pile of leaves, don’t just throw them away! They can be reused as natural compost!

2. Trim and Edit

After a long growing season and lots of sunshine your plants are bigger, flowers are spent and annuals are done. Now is the time to trim back those shrubs that won’t be flowering in this season, and re-shape those plants that look gangly. I know it’s hard to edit out what isn’t working or thriving but it’s time to dig into your flowerbeds (#literally). Here’s where our Dirty Little Digger is your best helper. The pointed end is great for working in small, hard to reach spaces and the serrated edges cut through the dirt, weeds, and vines. So till up the soil, pull out the weeds and dig up what is spent – all with the Dirty Little Digger. Depending on the state of your garden, this could take some time. With work and other commitments, it can be extremely difficult to find spare time to disappear into the garden for a couple of hours to make sure everything’s looking perfectly trimmed and maintained. There are other ways to ensure that your garden looks perfect though. One of the most popular ways is to contact a company, like https://www.lawncare.net/service-areas/california/ or others, to come and maintain your garden. This can ensure that your garden is all prepped for the new season. However, doing it yourself can be quite rewarding! Anyway, if your garden looks a little bare don’t worry, that’s where step 3 comes in.

3. Add Some Color

Here’s where your hard work pays off and you get a little reward. Fall is a great time to add some color and plan for color in the spring (#yippee!) so I say, plant bulbs. The Dirty Little Digger will dig the holes and has inches and cm markings so you can easily measure how far down you are digging. If you live in a milder climate, this is an excellent time to add shrubs and trees, as well as removing any trees that you want to get rid of. If you’re going to do that, then it will probably be in your best interest to look for some tree surgery experts in your area, so that it is done safely and professionally. The sooner this is done, the quicker you can think about planting more shrubs and trees in the rest of your garden space. The cooler months ahead provide the perfect environment for developing roots. During this gardening season, you will be prepping less sunshine, less watering and more natural environmental impact on your plants. Invest and plant wisely.

Bonus Tip!

If you live in a colder climate, or just don’t have time to plant in the landscape right now, try this: plant some colorful gallon size perennials and shrubs in pots for now. Then as the weather cools, move them to a protected spot and make a promise to yourself that you’ll add them to your beds come Spring. That means color now, bigger plants to plant in the Spring (#Winner).