Create a Party in your own yard with Garden Party Hanging Baskets.

The first step is choosing the right flowers for the right season. On the west coast we are thinking bulbs!

Look for plants that have several stems as those provide the highest producing growth. She looks for plants with about a 3 inch container.

Roxanne offers her Garden Party Hanging Baskets with an Aquasav special lining. This allows the soil in the hanging baskets to stay at the best moisture level possible for flowers and plants. Baskets lose moisture quickly and the Aquasav relieves some pressure of them drying out so quickly. Roxanne suggests a little fertilizer, of your choice will help everyone develop a green thumb, about a tablespoon. These extra nutrients will provide volume. Hanging baskets are often one of the best ways to decorate a garden. They add color to the garden and can also attract nature. When considering hanging these baskets up in your garden, you need to think about where you want them. It’s usually easier to attach them to masonry in the garden, such as a brick wall. By using a bulldog anchor, homeowners can easily attach mounts to hang the baskets from. These anchors should keep the basket secure, ensuring that the mount doesn’t become weakened over time. Hopefully, that will make your garden party look a lot more colorful and bright.

Obviously, your garden party is mostly about flowers and showing off your gorgeous garden to your guests. However, these parties are also about the entertainment provided to your guests. Providing food and drink is a necessity, preferably snacks for people to nibble on, and you can even host games. Nevertheless, what do you do if the weather throws a curveball? We all assume our garden parties are going to be accompanied by hot weather, but this can’t be guaranteed. To protect our guests from a downpour of miserable rain (and the food and drink provided!) it may be worth investing in an 1836 Oval Gazebo to ensure that your garden party can still run, even under extreme circumstances! Although this is preparation for the worst and it’s likely it won’t rain (depending on where you live), don’t think the gazebo has gone to waste. Gazebos can add a little personal flair to your garden party, where guests can gather and chat. Garden parties are all about being prepared and this is certainly a bit of planning ahead that your guests will appreciate! If the weather is glorious then you’ll want to be hosting your party out in the open and where better to do this on on your own custom deck? Check out the work of these deck contractors denver to see the kind of things that can be constructed in your garden.

Planning garden parties may also inspire you to renovate and begin landscaping your garden. The decoration is sometimes useless if the foundations are poor, so creating a garden you can enjoy for a summer garden party and through the window covered in a blanket of snow in the winter, is super beneficial. Decking is something that can spruce up your home and add some different levels. You can easily get decking services from websites like, decking not only adds levels but also allows you to place decorations, tables, and chairs in a more solid location of your garden. Nothing should stop you from building your perfect garden for the most impressive garden parties!

Roxanne’s Recipe for the perfect Garden Party Hanging Basket

Garden Party Baskets lined with Aquasav lining

Choice of flowers about 6 containers of flowers in about 3 inch containers
Trailing plants Fuchsia, Lobelia or Verbena
Lightweight hanging-basket soil of choice
Fertilizer mix with soil
Shepherds Hook