September is a great month to direct some attention to your garden. After all, summer is drawing to a close, the kids are back in school, and the days are hopefully starting to cool down a bit. There is still enough sunshine left to spend an evening relaxing on a beautiful bench, like those available from The Charming Bench Company, and simply watch the world go by. Even if you don’t trim a single shrub or plant even one little flower your watering chores are waiting. Now we know you all are going to dig right in (excuse the pun) to your garden this lovely September so even more reason to get out and water and water right with a hose nozzle!


The Original Fireman’s Hose Nozzle

Watering your garden and potted plants will not only keep them thriving into fall, but it will perk up those plants that are just tired of the hot weather. And just like other gardening chores, the better your tools the better your results. Our hose nozzles, the Ultimate Innovations Fireman’s Hose Nozzles, make watering efficient and a pleasure.


New Ultimate Fireman’s Hose Nozzle

Who doesn’t like kicking off their sandals and cooling their feet while tending to their garden and hand watering? It’s great, and your plants love it too. Hand watering enables you to get to those neglected areas where your sprinklers don’t reach or the sun beats down and dries out. And watering cools off your flowerbeds too. Hose bibs could be used to bind these nozzles. If you have any problems with your hose bibs, you can always contact plumbing services like T.E Spall & Sons (for more details, go to Now let’s have a look at what our garden hose nozzles come in.

“Fan Spray”

Our Ultimate Innovations Fireman’s Hose nozzles have adjustable water pressure,are made from durable materials and constructed to last. They don’t leak. They are strong enough to hose down a walkway, clean your patio furniture or wash your car. Gentle when you need to water your most delicate flowers. You are going to LOVE all the options!

Hanging Begonias

And maybe equally important, with our hose nozzles, you won’t be wasting water. Just turn the nozzle to water and select the water flow you desire. Then simply turn the nozzle to suspend watering as you move around your garden or while you dry your car, answer your phone or flip burgers on the barbeque. No more water running down the street or being wasted. It’s perfect when you need to multitask outside. And it’s good for our earth too.

So check out our full line of hose nozzles to find the one most suitable to your needs!

Soft Grip Nozzle

Ultimate Fireman’s Nozzle with Soft Grip Handle