Here’s a cute joke for you. What does a cat call a hummingbird?


Hummingbirds are such a unique species of the bird family that many don’t have the pleasure of enjoying in their backyard.  What can you do to attract these beautiful creatures?  I LOVE hummingbirds and have multiple bird feeders in my backyard which allow my family and myself to enjoy these cuties all year long!  In fact, I would like to share with you some very stunning photos of hummingbirds using the Ultimate Innovations Bird Feeders.  

 Notice how the bird utilizes its landing skills to carefully approach the 32 port flat feeder that allows the hummingbird to precisely locate the best point of entry for the nectar?  This is a perfect feeder for an open space!

With unique design and careful consideration of the best way for the bird to optimize its time eating, the hummingbird feeders encourage continuation of feeding by the hummingbird.

This specific feeder has a sleek and thin design that allows for you to enjoy your hummingbirds in smaller more contained locations. This feeder is perfect for apartment and condominium decks!

This device also has a nice landing deck for the bird to comfortably sit and enjoy its meal.

Use my special nectar recipe that has proven results, which will keep the birds visiting your yard for years to come!