The winter holidays bring us together with our friends and family. Most of the time spent together is over a cup of cheer and a warm meal. As I look out the window at my little hummingbird friends flying beautifully in my yard, I want them to feel the comfort and confidence food is always here in my yard for them, too! I designed my 32 port hummingbird feeder not only to let the little hummers survive but to thrive. The 32 ports provide the “Ultimate” dining experience and are made with a perch that is positioned at just the correct height for the hummers to rest and feed. I gave no expense and made the feeder from polycarbonate so it is crush proof and will work perfectly in all seasons and in all weather conditions! My holiday gift to you – Buy one and receive the second feeder half off.

Roxanne’s Holiday Nectar Recipe

1 Cup Sugar
4 Cups Water

  1. Fill your Ultimate 32-Port Hummingbird Feeder with nectar and they will attract to the big bright red and round feeder.
  2. Mix sugar and water together and place in a microwave-safe dish.
  3. Microwave on high for 5 minutes to dissolve sugar.
  4. Remove carefully from microwave to cool.
  5. Twist off base and fill feeder.
  6. Replace base and hang.

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