Let’s just make life simple and easy this holiday season. Let’s all enjoy the smell of comfort food in our homes, warm fires, laughing, enjoying friends and family. Let’s just take time to enjoy the beautiful sunsets, crisp air and that smell of the first rains and the change of the seasons.

In your mind you relax. All is well in the universe. You may look outside and see the beauty of fall. Ah, the leaves changing into a soft color palate of reds and yellows and the squirrels are quickly gathering as many acorns as they can awaiting that first frost. You may step outside with your coffee or hot chocolate to get the newspaper in the morning and feel that sudden chill of the temperature dropping. Yes Fall has arrived!

However, as you (or me for that matter) watch the cooking channels, you notice that all of the sudden the Holiday Baking Championship is starting soon, and Giada is getting ready for her Thanksgiving cook off, and you think to yourself, wow that seems really early. BUT! It’s officially November 1. Panic sets in. You feel your body temperature begin to rise and that sinking feeling in your stomach…it’s time to buy presents for the upcoming holidays.

Ultimate Gardener's Choice

Ok, so let’s go through the list:
Mom: Bottle of Perfume, Dad: Something to do with golf, Sister: Gift certificate to a day spa.
Phew! Ok Done. You sit back and think, that was easy. But then…OH NO! I forgot my Aunt “The Gardener”. Ok, I love my Aunt but she is obsessed with her garden. She works on it
every season! Great. Now what do I do? Well, as I was searching for “gifts for gardeners” it
occurred to me that I may have a saving grace this year! I think I found THE PERFECT GIFT!

ShopDePalma.com has the perfect gift for the year round gardener. It’s called the Ultimate
Gardener’s Choice
. It contains the Dirty Little Digger (normally $30) which combines 6 tools into one (Scooper, Cultivator, Trowel, Weeder, Bulb Digger, Hori knife), a pair of Atlas Gloves (normally $30) which are durable enough to handle any outside task and keeps amazing grip for dexterity! Finally, the kit includes a set of plant ties (normally $15) that are the perfect solution for those leggy plants and give stability! Best of all, through December 1, this kit is a remarkable $59.00 with a value of $75!

Bob & Roxanne DePalma