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Ultimate Innovation’s Bigger Digger is one of the most versatile garden tools around! And now it is BIGGER and Stronger! This new multi-purpose tool is 35% BIGGER! Plus, we made it STRONGER using 15 gauge stainless steel to tackle the extra weight and those tough gardening chores. The Bigger Digger has sharp, serrated edges for easy cutting of roots and vines.

Also with a pointed tip, this versatile tool makes it easy to break up tough dirt, rocky soil and clay and also easily makes trenches and furrows for planting seeds. The silicone, easy grip handle provides comfort and a firm grip while working with the tool. The spoon shape is also etched with measurements of 1” – 6” for correct planting depth of seeds and bulbs. Replaces: cultivator, trowel, weeder, scoop, hori garden knife and bulb digger.

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Weight .68 lbs
Dimensions 13.39 × 3.15 × 2.76 in

Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Teal


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