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December 5, 2018
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Wash-It Beauty Cloth
December 5, 2018
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Floral Classic


A unique 3-part glass system, which allows flower enthusiasts of all skill levels to create perfect, professional quality floral arrangements every time it is used.

Perfect for every day use, parties, or special occasions, the Floral Classic may be used with fresh, silk, or dried flowers or even with food to make mini hors d oeurves!

The secret behind the Floral Classic is the height and angle of each vase being perfectly positioned to create a beautiful arrangement. Simply cut the flower stems the same length and insert into each vase and you will be arranging a floral bouquet in minutes!

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Floral Arrangements Made Easy!

The Floral Classic unique 3-part glass system is for flower enthusiasts who want to create professional quality floral arrangements. The Floral Classic is appropriate for all skill levels and perfect for every day use, parties and special occasions. You can use The Floral Classic with fresh, silk, dried flowers or even with food to make mini-hors d’oeuvres!

The secret to the Floral Classic’s is the perfect height and angle of each vase to create a beautiful arrangement. You just cut the flower stems the same length and insert them into each vase for a perfectly arranged bouquet!

The Floral Classic set consists of two 3-vase units and one 4-vase unit.  For versatility, you can stack 2 or 3 units together to create a lovely vertical floral bouquet. You can also use the 3 units individually or grouped together to make a beautiful horizontal floral display. In addition, you can use a tapered candle in the center of  the 4-tier unit or votive candle holders in the center of the 3-vase units. The Floral Classic is equally great for rooting green house plants!  The glass Floral Classic is simple to maintain and is dishwasher safe or can be cleaned with a quarter tablet of denture cleanser and water.

Our Book as an Added Bonus!

We have included our book, Designing with the Floral Classic, with over 20 different ideas on how to use your vase. Each page illustrates how the shown bouquets or appetizers can easily be recreated following the step-by-step instructions. The Floral Classic and design book are the ideal gifts and come safely packed in a beautiful 4-color retail box. Have fun with the Floral Classic and enjoy the beauty of flowers all year long!

Holiday Gift Buying

To give The Floral Classic Set as a holiday gift simply fill it with flowers or fruit which in most cases is less costly than ordering arrangements from a florist. Plus the recipient gets to keep the vase and has a gift that keeps on giving. Be sure to order one for yourself and create fabulous arrangements for the holidays!

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