Ultimate Whisk Broom


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The “Ultimate Innovations” Whisk Broom

Whisk away dirt and debris from small areas and tight spaces with the eco-friendly Ultimate™ Whisk Broom; this mini yet mighty broom is the perfect companion to the Ultimate™ Garden Broom!

Natural, durable fibers provide the flexibility to efficiently clean corners, small spots and areas. Useful for quick clean ups on most surfaces. I deal for the garden area. car, kitchen, garage, patio, deck and more!

Ultimate™ Whisk Broom will work in all weather conditions – even rain or snow.

This amazing Ultimate™ Whisk Broom can do all of this…


  • Cleaning shelves in garage and shed
  • Cleaning outside furniture
  • Cleaning dirt off garden boots and sloggers
  • Cleaning a car
  • Great for dog hair
  • Small spaces and corners
  • Great for minor messes (where a broom may not be needed):
    • a broken terracotta pot
    • dirt while planting in pots
    • bird seed when filling a feeder
  • Sweeping out a fireplace
  • Use with a dust pan
  • Rinse it off, water won’t harm it



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