Spring has Sprung!


Spring Tips from Roxanne DePalma

Spring is the best time of year to begin digging, planting, and growing. What are you going to grow? Flower Garden, Vegetable Garden, or Herb Garden? You can do a mix of all of these choices. It’s your garden and you can do anything!

Roxanne, offers the very best tool for the job, the “Dirty Little Digger”. The “Dirty Little Digger” is 6 tools in one. It’s strong enough to tackle multiple gardening chores. It acts like a scoop, cultivator, trowel, weeder, hori knife and a bulb/seed digger all in one.

You can be a new or an experienced gardener. This tool provides to all levels of gardening. The tough stainless steel construction has sharp serrated edges for easy cutting of roots and vines. Also with a pointed tip, the Dirty Little Digger makes it easy to break up tough dirt, rocky soil and clay. In addition, this tool makes it easy to make trenches and furrows for your planting desires.

The silicon, easy grip handle provides comfort and a firm grip while working. The spoon shape is also etched with measurements of 1” – 4” for correct planting depth of all seeds and bulbs! Roxanne may have named it the “Dirty “LITTLE” Digger”, but this versatile garden tool actually takes on “LARGE” amounts of tasks for your garden!

Happy Spring Gardening from Roxanne Depalma

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
~Margaret Atwood




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