Winter Garden Lifestyle Tip from Roxanne DePalma


ui-got-you-on-my-mindWinter is a time you want to feel warm, cozy and protected. As we sip a warm cup of coco and snuggle up with our favorite blanket, our garden wants to do the very same thing. Our garden does not need to come to an end but needs to be protected, too. Mulch is nature’s blanket and protector. Mulch keeps the garden insulated during cold winter months. Ensure even coverage of the mulch by using Roxanne’s Ultimate Garden Broom. This Ultimate Broom acts like a broom and rake. Two tools in one! The broom is made out of coconut tree branches which allow for flexibility and strength to create smoothness and spreading of all types of mulch more efficiently, even small rock and pea gravel mulch! Gardens that only require a lightweight mulch to cover a small area are perfect for this broom, too. The broom acts like a bow rake with its long flexible branches. Sometimes you may even have a relatively smallest of small area to mulch. Roxanne’s Ultimate Whisk is all you need. The Whisk’s smaller size allows you to spread the mulch around and get better coverage than your hand.

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