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Spring is Almost Here!

What should we plant and when? Use this simple guide: When do we plant? Start seeds indoors to transplant when warmer Wait until your region’s last frost date has passed Check with local garden center or county extension Tender flowers, ensure no chance of frost! Plant on an overcast day. Read More

Perfect Present

Let’s just make life simple and easy this holiday season. Let’s all enjoy the smell of comfort food in our homes, warm fires, laughing, enjoying friends and family. Let’s just take time to enjoy the beautiful sunsets, crisp air and that smell of the first rains and the change of the seasons. Read More

Use the Dirty Little Digger this Fall!

It’s time to carve out some artistry! When you think of fall, one of the first things that comes to mind is pumpkins. Did you know that pumpkin seeds can be roasted and used in salads and snacks? The Spanish word for pumpkin seeds is “pepita”. Read More


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